Our learning and recommendations on creating greater collaboration between Primary Care Networks and local VCSE organisations
There are considerable benefits to local health outcomes when the health system and local VCSE organisations work together”

This project has been carried out with NHS England and NHS Improvement, as part of our work on the VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance.

We’ve worked with Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), Primary Care Networks (PCNs), GPs, and VCSE organisations across England to understand the challenges and opportunities in this area. This has taken place through our Community of Practice, wider Community of Influence, and further-reaching stakeholder interviews.

Our recommendations for creating better collaboration include:

  • ICSs and PCNs to adopt commissioning and procurement approaches that encourage collaboration and shared outcomes with the local VCSE sector.
  • Support the capacity of PCN leads/clinicians and VCSE organisations to meet and engage with each other.
  • Create space for all parties to understand and make a shared plan for the local health outcomes to be achieved.
  • Provide PCNs with NHS guidance setting out the value and impact of the VCSE sector.

The briefing also includes case studies showcasing existing good practice in PCN-VCSE collaboration.

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