Throughout the general election campaign, our core message to the next government has been that we need to rebalance power to our communities and address the inequalities that have been widening for years. With a new cohort of politicians Westminster-bound and a majority government in place, we will continue to make the case for resources, decision making and power to flow to our towns, cities and villages.

Across the country, community organisations, run by and for local people, are a huge source of hope and resilience for their neighbourhoods. With a strong determination to find local solutions, these groups are organising in their communities, giving voice and power to people often ignored, and creating opportunities for areas missing out on economic success.

The Prime Minister has said he wants to unleash Britain’s potential. To do this, the government must recognise that the solutions to our country’s biggest social, economic and environmental challenges can be found in our communities. These solutions come from the ideas, commitment and relationships between local people. But we need a national policy environment to recognise this power.

The Conservatives have made a number of commitments through their manifesto which point in the right direction – including the new £150million community ownership fund. Locality has long been calling for such a fund to invest in our vital community spaces. We will now be pressing them to deliver and go further, to unlock the power of community to create a fairer society.

Tony Armstrong, Chief Executive, Locality