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Nominations open for Locality Awards '24 -

open until Tuesday 11 June with £1,000 cash prize for community organisation winners

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Locality cost of living grants

Organisations could apply for grants of £10,000 to help support their communities through the cost of living crisis.

Open to eligible Locality members and members of DTA Scotland, DTNI or DTA Wales. Applications closed at 6pm on Friday 17 March 2023. We will contact successful applicants in the coming months.

A man getting advice

Locality was a partner for the 2022 Guardian and Observer charity appeal. Thanks to the generosity of readers, we offered community organisations across the UK grants of £10,000.

Organisations needed to be a Locality essential or membership plus member, or a member of DTA Scotland, DTNI or DTA Wales to apply. They needed to:

  • have a turnover under £500k a year,
  • employ staff and deliver services to support people with rising costs,
  • and either:
    • be working in an area in the lower two IMD deciles, OR
    • be led by or doing substantial work with racialised communities.

Organisations could apply to cover running costs, existing activities, or new projects, as long as the work helped people struggling with rising costs.

I am so inspired by those who ‘walk the talk’ and make a positive difference to their communities, it really puts your faith in humanity, and humbles me as there is so much more I could do.

Guardian reader who donated to the appeal