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LHC Community Benefit Fund

LHC is public sector procurement consortium providing specialist technical and procurement services to its members (Local Authorities) throughout the UK. As a not-for-profit organisation, any surpluses generated from LHC’s procurement activity are returned to its members. The Community Benefit Fund (CBF) is a further extension of that commitment.

Who are LHC?

LHC brings buyers and suppliers together to build and maintain public property more efficiently and cost-effectively and to benefit the local community in the process.

They provide support and empowerment to community organisations and their residents where it’s needed most, and help enable their strength and success, LHC appointed Locality as the independent fund manager to assist in the delivery of its Community Benefit Fund across London and the South East back in 2019.

Funding Priorities for 2023/24

This year’s LHC Community Benefit Fund is operating in six local authority areas: Brent, Hackney, Haringey, Hillingdon, Lambeth and also in Buckinghamshire.

Projects funded in 2023/24 will need to demonstrate a positive impact on one or more of the following areas:

  • Outcomes for young people - anything that supports young people to attain better livelihoods
  • Diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice - work that contributes to further those most marginalised in the city to achieve justice for all
  • Robust Safety Net - supporting those experiencing financial hardship, especially in relation to the cost of living crisis

How is the Fund distributed?

We work closely with the LHC Members who have a well-developed knowledge of communities in their areas and experience of investing in various ways. The Fund aims to add value to those resources by working with a project champion within each LHC member organisation.

Where there is a well-developed system of grant-making, we work alongside that.

Where members prefer to identify and champion projects, we will support that process through a transparent assessment process.

Our aims are, through procurement, to deliver better buildings and homes that enhance local communities. Our focus on delivering community benefit is evident in our frameworks and in the Community Benefit Fund we initiated to support social impact schemes.