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Health and wellbeing

Going further together

Locality’s research into the factors for successfully involving VCSE organisations in neighbourhood health ecosystems.


This research presents our new findings and recommendations on the critical role of VCSE organisations in neighbourhood health ecosystems.

The report builds on the knowledge developed in our 2022 paper, Creating greater collaboration between Primary Care Networks and the VCSE sector.

It highlights:

  • Factors for success in involving VCSE organisations in the delivery of health services and promotion of good health within neighbourhoods.
  • Recommendations for the health system to embed this learning in neighbourhoods across the country.
  • Recommendations for local VCSE organisations to improve their partnership working within neighbourhood health ecosystems.

It brings these issues to life through real-life examples of partnership working already taking places across the country.

Alongside these, we have produced “explainer” documents for VCSE organisations on Integrated Care Systems and the Primary Care Network Direct Enhanced Services (DES) contract. The latter is available on request via

This work has been conducted alongside NHS England’s Voluntary Partnerships team as part of our membership of the government’s VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance.

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