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Keep it Local

The Keep it Local Manifesto

How national government can support partnerships between councils and communities.

Published: 09 August 2022
10 minute read
1 document
Keep it Local
The Keep it Local Manifesto


Locality and the Keep it Local councils are calling on the government to support strong partnerships between councils and community organisations. The Keep it Local Manifesto sets out three big opportunities the government has to support these partnerships and nine policy recommendations for how they can do that.

The Manifesto showcases learning from Keep it Local councils and their community partners.

The Manifesto shows how these powerful partnerships have charted a way through trouble times, providing us with a blueprint for the future of local collaboration.

What does the Keep it Local Manifesto call for?

We have three key asks of the government:

  1. Turn community spirit into community power
  2. Create collaborative public services
  3. Support a community-powered economic recovery

Our recommendations under each of these opportunities show how the government can take practical steps to unlock community power. They can ensure that the powerful partnerships between councils and communities can be sustained and play a vital role in their ambition to “level up” the country.

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Navigating the storm

Published: 11 July 2022
90 minute read
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A new report released by Locality, Navigating the Storm, shows how community organisations kept going through a global pandemic. Despite being hard hit, community organisations adapted, innovated and thrived, by:

Finding new and more efficient ways to deliver services

Investing in their buildings during lockdown.

Providing completely new types of services in response to community needs.

It explains how the determination and expertise of community leaders helped make these changes. It also recognises the contribution made by funding bodies and policy-makers, not only in the emergency support they provided but also in their increased flexibility.