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Locality Manifesto

Building Thriving Neighbourhoods

Through the new Locality Manifesto, we’re calling for a “community power revolution”. We know that local communities are best placed to transform lives and create a fairer society.

Published: 07 November 2023
20 minute read
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To achieve this, we are calling on the next government to make five big reforms:

Introduce a Community Power Act

to strengthen community rights. This act will give new rights for communities to take control of local buildings and spaces, shape public services, and control local investment. It will also see the creation of radical new power sharing arrangements to tilt power towards local people.

Create a National Community Ownership Strategy

that boosts community ownership and capacity from energy to housing to health.

Put communities in charge of local economic development

giving residents more control over local regeneration spending and devolving employment and skills support to the hyper-local level.

Make collaboration – not competition - the guiding principle of public services

Reforming commissioning and shifting NHS budgets to community-led prevention.

Champion community-led housing and neighbourhood planning

giving communities a tangible stake in their neighbourhoods.

Locality members are doing incredible things against the odds up and down the country to help their communities thrive. We want to make sure Westminster knows about them.

Are you a Locality member? Do you have an amazing example of community power in action and a connection to your MP? Let us know! We want to showcase it alongside the Locality Manifesto to show what our sector can achieve with the right support.

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