The impact of COVID-19 on Locality members is likely to be significant in terms of service delivery and business continuity. Join our call for government support for community organisations during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Over the past three weeks, Locality has been working with NCVO, ACEVO and others to make the case for a swift, substantial and simple package of government support for community organisations.

On 8 April 2020, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £750 million package of support for frontline charities tackling COVID-19 and delivering vital services. This is a welcome announcement, but it is just the first step in addressing the scale of the challenge. The estimated shortfall for civil society organisations over the next three months is £4billion, and this announcement falls far short of that.

We are pleased that the government has recognised that at this time of national crisis, they must provide funding for those organisations who are supporting our communities through it. However, we still want your support in pushing the government to go further.

Contact your MP

Support this campaign by sharing the Locality MP briefing with your local MP. This briefing content is being updated regularly as the picture changes.

Ask your MP to support these key asks:

  • Funding announced on 8 April needs to reach community organisations quickly and simply.
  • Recognising that this funding amounts to less than a fifth of the charity sector shortfall in the next three months, government should commit to reviewing their level of support as the crisis continues. Strong community sector organisations will play a vital role in rebuilding from this crisis. They need to be there to do so.
  • We still need further clarity from government on how the Job Retention Scheme affects staff who might be furloughed but want to remain working as volunteers – to keep essential services going.

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