Knowing where you're going and how to get there is the purpose of a business plan. It links your vision - the why - with what you will do.
I’m really grateful to Locality for bringing together such a strong team to develop this project. I can’t imagine how we would have achieved anything like as much without you.
- St Margaret’s House

The business plan doesn’t have to be complicated and should be appropriate for the size of your organisation, the stage of your development, and the types of service and business activities you are offering.

The purpose of the business plan is to help you map your future and it can also be used to secure funding and investment.

At Locality we believe in the power of community to create a fairer society, and we want to help you make your community organisation stronger.

How Locality can help

We can help you achieve more for your community with specialist advice from our team of local experts. From helping you to understand if your project is viable, to developing a detailed business plan, we will be with you every step of the way.

Our business planning support is split into three key areas, below. If your community organisation needs help, we can support you.

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Without that support we had from you guys we absolutely wouldn’t have been able to get our project off the ground.
- Simon Armitage, Secretary of East Bierley Community Sports Association

Business planning & financial modelling

A strong business proposition will generate income and social value for your community organisation. Without it, businesses can lose their way and lose vital funds.

Locality has helped community organisations across the country to grow by developing strong financial models and stable foundations through a wide range of activities.

Our experts have a detailed understanding of the appropriate financial models for a range of business activities. We’ve supported community organisations to develop detailed budgets and cash flow forecasts with board-level involvement, no easy task!

If your organisation needs refocusing to bring in income, and a spring clean of the budget, Locality can help you make your organisation stronger.

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The team were always willing to help, offer advice and generally be bothered with every little question or query. I don't know what we would have done without them to be honest.
- Locality member

Feasibility studies

Before you start a project or a service, knowing whether it’s feasible and viable (if there’s a business case for it), is essential.

You need to test the idea, understand if there’s a market, if you have the resources to get it off the ground, and whether you have the capacity to keep it going and deliver.

Our experts take a proactive approach to feasibility. We challenge ourselves to demonstrate how your idea could be made feasible.

If you think we could help you unlock the power in your community, get in touch.

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Business turnaround

When business is bleak, it can be difficult to know where to start to turn things around.

Locality have the skills and experience to undertake detailed diagnostic work on the wide ranging business activities undertaken by community organisations.

We’ve developed a range of comprehensive diagnostic tools that can help you understand your own resilience, and particularly identify and address areas of weakness.

Our experts have supported community organisations to restructure, to adapt and diversify, and to explore and develop new markets to help you achieve more for your community.

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If you’re not ready to get in touch with us just yet, you can find out more about developing your financial resilience with our helpful resources.

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