Collaboration means coming together to share skills, processes and approaches. Collaboration can help us understand the challenges, barriers and opportunities facing our communities and the wider sector. It can help organisations become more effective in pursuing objectives and shaping or influencing local and national policy.
I’m really grateful to Locality for bringing together such a strong team to develop this project. I can’t imagine how we would have achieved anything like as much without you [Locality].
- St Margaret’s House

How Locality can help

Locality has a strong track record in negotiating with local authorities and other public bodies to ensure the voice and power of communities is amplified and understood.

We have a range of political contacts, and excellent relationships with a variety of stakeholders within communities, which are key to garnering collaborative approaches.

Locality’s staff have particular expertise in:

  • Facilitation management
  • Partnership and consortia development
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Organisational mergers
  • Brokering relationships to foster mutually beneficial outcomes.

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Without that support we had from you guys we absolutely wouldn’t have been able to get our project off the ground.
- Simon Armitage, Secretary of East Bierley Community Sports Association

Partnership and consortia development

With funding and investment in short supply, community organisations coming together in informal partnerships, or consortia, has become an important tactic, and often a core strand of their strategy.

The opportunity for flexible specialisation, greater geographic reach and increased competitive advantage have pushed partnership models and consortia to centre stage.

It’s never easy to kick start a new partnership, especially with a potential funding bid as the immediate goal. You will need to avoid becoming either ‘bid candy’ for the benefit of larger players, or the weakest link for those with a valuable reputation and resources at stake.

Locality can broker those early conversations and drive all participants in a partnership or consortia to a win-win agreement, which respects and values the role of every organisation involved.

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I feel that Locality is approachable, easy to access and local Locality reps are extremely well organised, connected to us and understand the organisation and our community.
- Locality member

Organisational mergers

Community organisations consider mergers for a range of reasons. The key consideration is the long term sustainability of the new partnership, ensuring improved outcomes for all the beneficiaries.

The key drivers for mergers can include:

  • The need for greater efficiency and improved service provision for beneficiaries
  • Financial difficulties and internal breakdown of confidence in existing management or board/trustees
  • Pressure from funders or investors who may perceive duplication or undue competition
  • The changing needs of service users or community customer base.

Locality have brokered many successful mergers that have resulted in renewed and revitalised community organisations.

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There's an honesty to what you [Locality] do that I don't see in other organisations.
- Locality partner

Networking and stakeholder engagement

Understanding who your potential supporters, investors and collaborators are is essential in the current economic and political environment. Effective networking is a vital skill to have in the toolbox for any CEO or project lead, and Locality can help you develop it.

It’s also important to understand and analyse your key stakeholders – understanding the power, influence and interests they exert on your activities, and how strong your relationships are with them.

Locality can help with tools to focus on influencing the right stakeholders, recognising potential tensions and synergies, and help you to prioritise future engagement with new stakeholders.

Sharing this knowledge across your teams and board can help identify gaps and allocate resources.

If you are struggling to get started with identifying stakeholders, or you are worried you’re spending too much time with the wrong ones and not enough with the right ones, Locality can help you with effective, interactive stakeholder engagement exercises leading to practical action plans linked to your strategy.

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