We can help you develop ways to engage your community, from initial community consultations to community participation or fully community-led and managed projects. We can also develop bespoke solutions to improve the ways you measure social impact.
I enjoy the support, the challenge, the networking, the support of peers developed through the membership, and the ideas and resources Locality brings. I value the membership more each year.
- Locality member

Community engagement

Community organisations bring local people together to shape their own futures. Community engagement is all about involving communities in your work and giving local people a voice. It’s essential for understanding your community’s needs and harnessing the talents and ambitions of local people.

Community engagement works best where it is an ongoing process of participation to unlock the power in communities, and it’s invaluable in helping you design and deliver projects and making sure local people are part of the journey.

How Locality can help

How do you know that your project is needed and the best way to deliver it? There is a spectrum of community engagement ranging from initial community consultation through to community participation to fully community-led and managed community projects.

We can work with you to design community consultation processes including the development of community events, surveys, facilitated workshops and focus groups.

We can also support you to develop different ways of engaging with lots of different people including people who are seldom heard in traditional consultation processes. This will help you to address hidden needs and uncover hidden skills and knowledge in your community.

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Locality is all singing, all dancing with comprehensive services and advice for the community sector.
- Locality member

Community impact

Community impact is the difference you want to make. Understanding your organisation’s impact and being able to evidence it has become increasingly important in recent years. Doing it well can help you to involve more people, develop better partnerships and attract funding and investment.

Impact measurement

Understanding your impact will help you to plan and evaluate the work you do as well as promote your organisation – helping you to talk confidently about the difference you make.

Local people, partners, funders and commissioners are all really keen for you to demonstrate your impact and Locality can support you to work through your own impact journey in several ways.

Theory of change

A theory of change is a way of explaining how your organisation or project works and the impact it has. It is often the starting point for any organisation wanting to develop a coherent and organised approach to social impact measurement.

It demonstrates how your activities result in levels of output, outcome and impact, which then connects back to the community needs you are seeking to address. It helps you to identify and understand your unique approach to the work you are doing and to demonstrate your impact to your stakeholders, including funders and commissioners.

From the outset the professionalism shown by Locality was exemplary. As a group we are in a far better place and that is due to the work Locality has undertaken with us.
- Locality member

How Locality can help

We can develop bespoke solutions for organisations to improve their approach to measuring social impact, including comprehensive impact measurement systems. Our approach involves:

  • Developing a comprehensive theory of change (as above)
  • Identifying existing organisational approaches to social impact measurement (what data is currently collected and how)
  • Rationalising, fine tuning and introducing new data collection methods
  • Support systems development including data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Support the use of use cost benefit analysis and LM3
  • Embedding the use of social impact data in support of a process of continuous organisational improvement

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