Community organisations are experiencing the most challenging social and economic environment in recent times.
I enjoy the support, the challenge, the networking, the support of peers developed through the membership, and the ideas and resources Locality brings. I value the membership more each year.
- Royds Community Association

There is increased competition for funding and unprecedented demand for your services. We understand just how crucial funding and investment is to make your organisation strong and sustainable for the long term.

How Locality can help you increase your financial resilience

We have experience supporting an extremely diverse range of organisations with different business models to increase financial resilience through investment, grants, community shares, contacts and new income streams.

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Grant funding remains a crucial source of support for many community organisations. It’s often essential in getting a new capital development off the ground, or for exploring new and innovative models to solve some of society’s toughest social problems.

Locality works very closely with the major grant funders in the country including all Lottery funders, large national charitable trusts and foundations, and most recently Power to Change.

If you’re struggling to write your bids or don’t know which funders to approach, talk to us. We have an excellent track record of supporting organisations to develop strong funding bids that meet the aspirations of funders.

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I feel that Locality is approachable, easy to access and local Locality reps are extremely well organised, connected to us and understand the organisation and our community.
- Locality member


Investment is repayable finance. The first step to sourcing investment is investment readiness, which means making sure that your organisation presents as a safe proposition so investors have the confidence to invest.

We have developed our own diagnostic tools to assess your organisation’s investment readiness, identifying areas of strength and weakness in governance, market or customer base, financial performance, quality and social impact. We can help you complete the tools and address any areas of concern.

When you’re ready to seek investment we can help. We have strong relationships with the most prominent social investors in the country and have a track record in supporting organisations to access different types of investment for both working capital and capital projects.

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Community shares

Community shares are a form of share capital that allow local people to buy shares in a community organisation. There has been a big increase in the use of community shares in recent years, particularly for getting new projects off the ground.

Locality is a partner in the Community Shares Unit and have a team of qualified Community Shares Practitioners to support you.

We can help you with the development of a community share offer including creating the business plan, preparing the share offer documentation and launching the share issue.

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From the outset the professionalism shown by Locality was exemplary. As a group we are in a far better place and that is due to the work Locality has undertaken with us.
- Community Involvement Co-ordinator, Mirehouse Residents Group


We believe community organisations are the best choice for public sector service delivery and we can support you to successfully bid for public sector contracts.

We start by making sure you are ‘procurement ready’ through tender readiness health checks, training and focused capacity building, and then support you to bid for individual contracts.

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New income streams

Community organisations that stand still in such a dynamic operating environment have very little chance of long term success. The most successful community organisations are those that are opportunistic, forward looking and are continuously adapting what they do.

Locality has experience in supporting community organisations to explore new income streams linked to new business activities, as well as supporting the evolution of existing activities to tap into new markets.

We can help you scope the need for services you might deliver in future, help you develop a business case and identify sources of funding and other forms of support.

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Without that support we had from you guys we absolutely wouldn’t have been able to get our project off the ground.
- Simon Armitage, Secretary of East Bierley Community Sports Association

Lighthouse – an online health check tool

Lighthouse is an online diagnostic tool, designed to help community organisations spot the early warning signs before a crisis hits.

The tool is a culmination of Locality’s 100 years experience. Using historical data, our expert knowledge, and feedback from the network, we’ve developed the Lighthouse algorithm to accurately diagnose an organisation’s resilience and short-term sustainability.

Get started 

It’s easy to get started with Lighthouse. Just create an account by going to

If you’re a member of Locality, you can take the Lighthouse assessment as often as you like for free. If you’re not a member of Locality, you can purchase one Lighthouse assessment for just £75+VAT.

Once you’ve completed your Lighthouse assessment, you’ll receive your report immediately, so that you can take the steps needed to become strong and successful.

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Lifeboat – crisis support for Locality members

If you’re worried about your organisation’s situation Locality’s Lifeboat service can help you. We have supported organisations experiencing serious financial difficulties, structural weaknesses and relationship problems.

Lifeboat offers expert and confidential financial advice and support to any Locality member who has been with us longer than a year. Even if you don’t meet this criteria, please get in touch as there may be other ways we can help you.

Get in touch with the Lifeboat team at

Read our report, “Waving Not Drowning”. It sets out our learning from supporting members through Lifeboat. It includes an analysis of the types of problems faced by community organisations and the range of support and skills which are most frequently required to tackle them.


If you’re not ready to get in touch with us just yet, you can find out more about developing your financial resilience with our helpful resources.

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