Good governance is crucial to ensure that community organisations are legally run, responsibly led, effectively managed and are there for the long term.
You know when you have a problem, an inquiry, or just need to talk there is always someone there to listen, advise, or point you in the right direction.
- Locality member

It’s also important that a community organisation is accountable to the people who have a stake in it including the local community.

How Locality can help with governance

We’ve supported community organisations across the country to achieve good governance.

Whether you’re a group starting out, an established organisation going through an organisational review, or are taking a new direction and diversifying your business – we can help.

We give specialist advice so that you can achieve more for your community. Our local team provide tailored support ranging from a full governance review to working with you on a specific area of governance.

Business start-up and legal structures

You will save time and resources if you get your governance right from the start. We can help you navigate the world of legal structures so you can make the best choice.

We recommend a facilitated workshop with trustees and senior management to look at options, taking into account your resources and activities, and can prepare an options analysis with recommendations.

Enquire about start-up and legal structures

I feel that Locality is approachable, easy to access and local Locality reps are extremely well organised, connected to us and understand the organisation and our community.
- Locality member

Strategic and organisational reviews

We start with an impact assessment including your past successes and what’s worked less well. You might choose to look at the organisation as a whole, or focus on a specific area such as a Board skills audit or income generation.

We work with you to write a strategic plan on a page outlining where you want to be in three and five years time and prioritising immediate actions.

Enquire about strategic and organisational reviews

Mediation and conflict resolution

Relationships can break down for all sorts of reasons. We can act as an independent voice and explore ways to help all parties to work together.

This can include internal conflict between the board members and/or senior management. We’ll help you to re-establish relationships, moving away from traditional ways of thinking and finding creative ways forward.

Enquire about mediation and conflict resolution

Over the years Locality has become the first point of call for advice, help and support.
- Locality member

Lifeboat – support for members in crisis

If you’re a Locality member and are facing a crisis situation or risk of closure, we can support you through our free Lifeboat programme.

Lifeboat offers you expert and confidential advice and support if you’re experiencing problems which could affect the short-term viability of your organisation.

Find out more about Lifeboat (members only)


If you’re not ready to get in touch with us just yet, you can find out more about building good governance with our helpful resource on how to choose a legal structure.

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