It's becoming even more important for community organisations to increase engagement with communities, reach new people, bring in income and demonstrate impact to funders. Effective marketing is a crucial element of a successful community organisation – helping you achieve your goals and create a thriving local community and economy.
Clear and concise, Locality really captured the organisation very well, and has given a framework and recommendations to follow. Easy for the whole organisation to use.
- St George's, Wakefield on communications strategy

How Locality can help

You can achieve more for your community with our specialist support.

Our team of marketing and communication professionals can work with you on everything from getting the most from social media to reviewing your brand and developing a marketing strategy.

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Marketing strategy

A three year marketing strategy that links to your business goals will make your organisation stronger for the long term. We work with you and your team to analyse and segment your target audiences, review your products and services in relation to the competition, and review your brand positioning and messages. We then develop a realistic three year marketing strategy including key messages, activities and measures of success.

Locality were able to understand what we wanted and what we needed. They were flexible and responsive to discussion, relaxed but focused, and kept us on track.
- Martin Holcombe, Birmingham Settlement 

Branding advice and guidelines

Your brand is vital to your organisation’s reputation, telling your audience at a glance what you do and making them feel this is a place for them. Consistency is key – the visual elements of the brand including the logo as well as your messages.

We can help you create simple brand guidelines to be used by staff and designers. We can also write a brief and commission a whole brand review including market research, and apply this across your communications.

Your website

Your website is often the first point of contact people will have with your organisation, so it’s an important tool for reaching the local community as well as your wider stakeholders.

We can help you improve your current site, or create a new site that is mobile device friendly, easy to navigate and optimised for search engines. We can also advise on content and writing effective online copy.

Social media

More and more people, and not just young people, are engaging on social media, looking to connect with like-minded people and find out what’s happening locally.

With new platforms launching all the time, we can help you to use your resources effectively, selecting the platforms which work for your audience.

We have tips for improving engagement on Facebook and Twitter and other platforms so that you can build an active online community.

Producing signage, flyers, posters

Alongside digital media, posters, flyers and signage can help raise awareness amongst local people and businesses. We can advise on formats, templates and key messages to help you grow a strong local presence.

Impact reports

We can help you demonstrate your impact to funders and partners through an impact report – online and/or printed. We can advise you on producing a powerful report which showcases the results of your impact including infographics and case studies.

It could make all the difference to securing future contracts and partnerships.

Enquire about specialist advice on marketing & communications

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