We all know the housing crisis is one of the biggest challenges of our times. If you're looking for new ways to provide the homes your community needs, we can help.
“From the outset the professionalism shown by Locality was exemplary. As a group we are in a far better place and that is due to the work Locality has undertaken with us.
- Community Involvement Co-ordinator, Mirehouse Residents Group

We believe in the power of community to create a fairer society, and that’s what community-led housing is all about. We help local groups to create new and affordable homes. Homes that are built by the community, for the community, designed to meet local community needs.

Working with Locality will give your local community the opportunity and support to build the homes your community needs.

What is community-led housing?

Community-led housing projects are led by community groups determined to make sure that new homes are built and empty homes and buildings can be brought back into use to meet local housing needs.

Projects are usually developed by or in partnership with a community organisation, and the local community organisation owns, manages or stewards the homes in a manor of their choosing.

Community-led housing helps to:

  • Create affordable housing for people in need including unemployed people, single parents, young people looking to buy their first house and key workers
  • Support older residents to downsize
  • Make sure there is high quality housing available in the local area
I’m really grateful to Locality for bringing together such a strong team to develop this project. I can’t imagine how we would have achieved anything like as much without you.
- St Margaret’s House

How Locality can help

Supporting local groups to build new homes and operate sustainably

By commissioning Locality to support your local community-led housing groups, you are giving them the best chance of success.

We work with community-led housing groups at every stage of the process – from those just starting out, to those building some of the biggest, most ambitious community housing projects in Europe.

We support groups to get started, develop detailed business plans and become a Registered Provider. We can help with developing community-led housing models, legal structures and governance, assessing viability and can link you up with other innovative schemes and mentors.

We have a team of advisors around the country who have experience working with community organisations on a range of community-led housing and community ownership projects.

We offer bespoke support for community-led housing groups, and broader support for local community organsiations to be strong and successful. We provide a range of specialist support packages.

Enquire about support for CLH projects

Locality were able to understand what we wanted and what we needed. They were flexible and responsive to discussion, relaxed but focused, and kept us on track.
- Martin Holcombe, Birmingham Settlement 

Working alongside your team to deliver extra support to local groups

We can work alongside your team to support local groups building community-led homes.

One of the most useful ways to help projects to progress is to speak to other people who have experience of the type of community-led housing project your community is developing and any challenges you are facing.

Locality can broker peer learning opportunities with other Locality members so that you can gain both informal advice and support.

Enquire about extra support for CLH projects

Developing policies to transfer ownership of land and buildings to communities

We have worked with many local councils to transfer land and buildings into community ownership, so community organisations have the resources to build new homes.

Enquire about support for community ownership of land and buildings

Over the years Locality has become the first point of call for advice, help and support.
- Locality member

Early Stage Support programme

The Early Stage Support programme, funded by the Nationwide Foundation, offered expert mentoring and small grants to help affordable community-led housing projects get started.

Locality is working with 21 early stage community-led housing projects to help them through the first stages of their ambitious and inspiring projects right across the country.

Enquire about the early stage support programme


If you’re not ready to get in touch with us just yet, you can find out more with our helpful resources.


Get the know-how to achieve more for your community with our practical guides. 


There are also plenty of free resources available on the My Community website. There are free toolkits to help get a project up and running, templates for business plans, guides to help you understand different legal structures, case studies, articles and videos.

Go to My Community for further CLH support

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