We understand that you have targets for cost savings, but also want to ensure that the buildings and spaces your community cares about remain for the benefit of the community.
Locality is the best value membership organisation for the sector by quite some margin. We have made relationships with other social enterprises as a result of the Locality network and its staff that have resulted in thousands of pounds of business.
- Sunlight Development Trust

Community owned buildings are home to essential local services that enable communities to thrive. They are spaces where everyone belongs and where lives are transformed.

When they’re owned and run by community organisations, many under-used and under-invested buildings are revitalised and new services are created.

We support local authorities with the process of community asset transfer, to keep public land and buildings open for all of us, forever.

How Locality can help

Locality is recognised as the leading national authority on Community Asset Transfer (CAT), helping local authorities to save money while keeping spaces open to the community.

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Strategies and policies for transferring assets

We can help you to develop strategies, policies and processes to transfer ownership of land and buildings to communities. This includes aligning an asset transfer strategy with your corporate objectives and incorporating the Assets of Community Value (ACV) legislation.

We can help you create a fair and transparent system for transferring assets including an application process and supportive environment to nurture the new arrangements.

We have supported many local authorities to implement multiple asset transfers.

Without that support we had from you guys we absolutely wouldn’t have been able to get our project off the ground.
- Simon Armitage, Secretary of East Bierley Community Sports Association

Viability testing

We work with community organisations to ensure that taking ownership of a local building or space will be viable in the long term, to give you confidence in your decision. We train the leaders of community organisations in business planning and facilities management, so they can make a success of new buildings and run existing buildings more effectively.

Mapping local assets

Understanding the viability of a transfer of asset ownership is helped by understanding the wider environment. Mapping local buildings and spaces and the value they offer to communities can help to justify the creation or preservation of a community building. It can also support decisions about consolidating community buildings so resources are used for those that offer the greatest value.

Business planning

We work with community organisations to build a strong business case to justify the transfer of an asset. We’ll identify the benefits to the community and improvements to the area. The plan will include evaluating building running costs, occupancy, pricing, demand for the space, marketing, anchor tenants, cash flow and capital redevelopment. This will ensure the operation is sustainable, led by the community and benefiting the community.

Locality is the go-to for anything to do with community projects.
- Locality member

Attracting new investment

Locality is well connected with national funders and we have a track record of helping attract major investment into community assets. This could be in the form of grant, loan finance or even community shares – all investment that would not be possible under existing local authority ownership.

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