Local authorities, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), housing associations and many other service providers are having to explore different ways of delivering services to cope with the dual challenge of unprecedented demand and reductions in funding.
Locality were able to understand what we wanted and what we needed. They were flexible and responsive to discussion, relaxed but focused, and kept us on track.
- Martin Holcombe, Birmingham Settlement 

Many are moving away from traditional models and creating new ways to deliver services in fresh and innovative ways in partnership with community organisations. Without the right experience, knowledge and relationships in place, it can be difficult to know where to start.

How Locality can help

Locality has significant experience in local service transformation and can support you in three main ways.

Cost benefit analysis

Cost benefit analysis puts a monetary value on the benefits of a service compared to its costs. The difference between the cost and the benefit is the financial return.

The process helps you to justify a change in a service or decide whether a new service should be introduced. Our experts can help you to understand and calculate your costs and the value-add.

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Locality have been a key partner for our Council for four years. They have particularly added value with community asset transfers and supporting our strategic work on the Localism agenda. They are highly regarded by local statutory and third sector organisations in terms of their expertise and professionalism.
- Calderdale Council

Innovations in commissioning and procurement

One of the many challenges for service providers is cutting costs while maintaining, and often increasing, the service quality.

We can help you develop new and creative approaches to commissioning and procurement. We’ve recently supported local authorities with innovative forms of contracting including ‘alliance contracts’.

Alliance contracts are a relatively recent form of contract type originating from innovations in health care commissioning.

They support collaboration by allowing multiple suppliers to deliver under the same contract but without the need for hierarchial subcontracting approaches that often leave smaller providers at a disadvantage.

They ‘de risk’ contract delivery by fostering an ethos of shared risk, responsibility and mutual support between all suppliers and including the commissioner in that process.

We have also worked with local authorities to develop approaches to commissioning as part of our ‘Keep it Local’ work. This work involved supporting a number of pilot Local Authorities to maximise the use of local, and particularly VCS suppliers through a range of mechanisms including:

  • Bringing commissioners and local suppliers together to co-design services in a way that will maximise the benefit to local people
  • Supporting the development of local consortia (enabling Local Authorities to commission at scale without leaving smaller local suppliers in the cold)
  • Identifying and addressing barriers to the use of local suppliers in existing policies and practice
  • To maximise the use of legislation include the Social Value Act, which can create opportunities for local suppliers
  • Developing strategies to grow the local supplier base including supporting procurement readiness (particularly strong community led organisations)

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Although this is a challenging time for public services, Locality have helped to show that it can also be an opportunity for creative thinking at the community and street level.
- Shropshire Council

Grant and investment schemes to build strong local community organisations

Strong local community organisations can help you deliver and manage demand for services. Developing grant and investment schemes for community organisations will ensure the local service providers you need to deliver your priorities are in place.

This can include support for start-up community organisations and supporting existing community organisations to do more.

Locality can support you through all aspects of designing a grant programme, providing training and advice to applicants, and supporting the application assessment process to help you get it right from the start.

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