Heartbreaking but inspiring to hear about the obstacles people working in their local communities overcome yet keep going!! #localchampions”
- Chance Glass H Trust

This is your opportunity to ask the people running these successful projects what you want to know, and discover the ins and outs of their fantastic work.

If you are attending in person you can choose to visit one of these incredible community projects on Wednesday 17 or Thursday 18 November.

Birmingham Settlement: Sweating your assets with no sweat? How we developed our Eco Hub during Brexit and Covid-19

Come and visit our Eco Hub on the edge of Birmingham’s Edgbaston Reservoir, with ground-sourced heating and our own natural waste system this green asset has been developed over the past 2 years facing the challenge of Brexit, supply shortages and COVID-19.

The Reservoir Wellbeing Centre is just the start of our ambitions to work alongside local people to develop communities and change lives, we are planning for a second building for growing and “mucking about”, develop crops on the field to supply local businesses, an outdoor amphitheatre and a biodome. This a fantastic opportunity to learn and share thoughts on self-funded  green development.

Witton Lodge Community Association – People, Place & Passion

For over 25 years this pioneering organisation has demonstrated that real change is achieved when local communities play a leading role. The Association owns and manages 200 homes, and a number of assets. It uses these to generate income to invest locally in health, employment and environmental initiatives to support hundreds of local residents. Having piloted the City’s’ first community asset transfer in 2009, you will have the opportunity to visit the recently developed Eco facility set in the picturesque Witton Lakes.

Hear how the Association is emerging stronger from Covid19 and actively promoting community-led approaches.

Enterprising High Streets - A Walking Tour of Moseley

MCDT was established over 20 years ago, it created the first co-working space in Birmingham and continues to develop enterprising approaches to local regeneration including meanwhile uses on the High Street. On this visit you will get to explore our Enterprise Hub, Moseley Exchange and the wider work the Trust has been undertaking across Moseley in a coordinated response with local residents, partners and organisations.

Most recently this work has had a focus on their local High St and the use of vacant property for meanwhile use space, from using a prominent empty shop front as an art gallery to securing a ‘meanwhile use’ lease on a vacant property, creating a community space on the High St.

Ideal for All - Growing Opportunities

At the heart of award-winning, user-led charity Ideal for All is its community businesses and social enterprises. One of those enterprises is Growing Opportunities comprising of three community, market, and therapeutic gardens located in Sandwell.

You will get to visit their flagship market garden, Salop Drive, which is spread over 3 acres of once derelict land producing over 2.1 tonnes of fresh fruit and veg every year, distributed to the local community through a ‘Bag Your Share’ box scheme. Growing Opportunities also provides employment, skills, training, wellbeing, and healthy lifestyle opportunities for local residents including schools, families, and children.

Learn about how they integrated their approach to health and work into their community business which has seen them go on to be nationally recognised as an exemplar of good practice and win the Employment Related Services Association Health and Disability Provider of the Year award in 2020.

St Paul's – Making Community Development Childs Play

Paul’s Community Development Trust had its origins in the desire of people in Balsall Heath to make a better future for their children. It has developed from three small community projects which all began between 1968 and 1972. One of these was St. Paul’s Nursery, which started as a preschool playgroup in the hall belonging to St. Paul’s Church. Just across the railway line, an adventure playground was opened by residents on the Malvern Street site where the Venture has remained and grown. The third and youngest of the projects was St. Paul’s School. The school was founded to work with pupils who were disaffected from large mainstream secondary schools.

Come and see how we use play and community development as the backbone of our work across a multi-ethnic communities including a trip to our Urban Farm where we run activities through our Countrymen Club, such as arts and crafts and horticulture.

Kar Seva: the enterprising face of faith-led community anchors

Nishkam Civic Association offers an insight into how faith-led organisations can act as an enterprising community anchor serving diverse communities. The term Nishkam means selfless service and going beyond oneself. The parent organisation Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha (GNNSJ) has developed a Healthcare Trust,  Community Cooperative, Civic centre, Nishkam School Trust in inner city Birmingham. Visit us to see how we have worked with the local community, volunteers and partners to create a community-led enterprise gateway to Birmingham.

What would George say? A visit to the region’s most well-known ‘garden village’ hosted by Bournville Village Trust

Formed in 1905, Bournville Village Trust has been acting as both caretaker and place shaper for some of the most iconic housing developments in the West Midlands. Fast forward 115 years and BVT manages over 11,000 socially rented and private-owned homes, nearly 1000 hectares of agricultural and open green spaces, commercial premises, community buildings, a school and a museum. Whilst the preservation of heritage continues to be a strength, BVT has no intention of becoming a community preserved in aspic. Hosted in the grounds of our 750-year-old working museum Selly Manor, find out about BVT’s work, ambitions and how honouring the legacy of one of the cities most well-known capitalists means revisiting our radical socialist roots.


There will also be a range of activity sessions throughout Locality Convention ’21 including:

It’s not easy being green: Communities and Climate – the call to action!

Locality is bringing together a group of members looking to take action against climate change. Come and conspire with us as we share funding information, build partnerships and get practical tips on how to create impactful projects. Be part of a community movement against climate change in what is perhaps the most important year for climate action we will have.

Move, breath, and relax – inclusive chair yoga practice

Join this accessible and inclusive Chair Yoga practice where you will explore gently moving the body, mindfulness, breathing practices, and end in a lovely relaxation.

Take time out to slow down in your busy day, connect to body and breath, and learn some techniques that can be taken into everyday life.

There is no prior Yoga experience necessary, this is a welcoming and supportive space for everyone!

Benefits of Yoga include improving strength and balance, encouraging mental clarity and calmness and reducing stress and anxiety- plus so much more.

We will make space for social distancing during group work so that all participants can enjoy the workshop to their level of comfort.

Leaders from racialised communities – common purpose members group

Join fellow members and Locality staff at the inaugural meeting of our support group for leaders from racially minoritised communities. We are determined to create a safe space within our network over the longer term for peer learning, personal development and capacity building. Join us to co-design the group agenda to meet your needs, challenge the sector and seek development opportunities.

Creativity, laughter & fun to boost wellbeing: step out of stress and re-connect with your playful side

This uplifting session will incorporate many playful activities: imagination-based, word play, improvisation, some childhood classics, as well as with some mindfulness techniques. All activities have strong emphasis on playfulness and fun, bringing the joy of letting off steam and of laughing with others whilst providing a safe space to connect. Covid measures: we are mindful of the different needs of participants. We will make space for social distancing during group work so that all participants can enjoy the workshop to their level of comfort.

Attending online? 

Don’t worry you won’t miss out, we have a range of virtual visits, on demand video content and online webinars.

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