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Equality & Diversity

We commit to playing a leading role on diversity and inclusion, both within the organisation and across our membership.

Our commitment

Locality works in a diverse society where massive inequality exists, often perpetuated and sustained by in-built structural issues. The places in which our members work can offer connection, community and identity. But they can also be defined by division on areas such as sex, race, gender and ability. Diversity, equity and inclusion are hugely important areas for our work if we are to achieve our vision of a fair society where every community thrives. Our strategic plan adopted in 2019 restates our ambitions and commitment for us to play a leading role on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Although we have made some progress in achieving this, we recognise that we still have a long way to go. Our board and staff are committed to being much more active in our approach to see real change.

I am really pleased and humbled with your support. After many years in community development, once, I met and found true community specialists with right tools and skills

Sohail Ahmad
Deeplish community centre Rochdale

We will:

• Ally with others to challenge all forms of discrimination to effect change – e.g. moving from a non-racist stance, to an anti-racist position

• Recognise our own power and privilege and challenge ourselves to tackle inequality and injustice wherever we see it

• Understand we do not have all the answers in all these areas, and that this area is constantly evolving. We commit to educating and challenging ourselves and working with others to do the same

• Make sure we lead by example in our internal practices and policies from staffing to how we plan and prioritise our work

• Use the influence we have with our members and others to build a fairer society.

Our approach:

We are working with our strategic partners and supporting efforts across the charity sector to dismantle racism in the sector and to address the diversity deficit in charity leadership.

  • ​We are strengthening our approach in how we support our members who work with minoritised communities (e.g. through our No More Blank Pages report and other research)
  • We are providing dedicated spaces to explore and support this work (e.g. our Leaders of Colour peer support group)
  • We are providing bursaries for minoritised groups who could benefit but cannot otherwise access support.
  • We are entering into partnering arrangements with specialist, diversity focused organisations to help us improve our work.
  • We continue to develop our staff recruitment practices to bring more diversity into our organisation.
  • We commit to publish and improve on our pay ratios for gender, ethnicity, the ratio of staff to CEO pay, and comparing our lowest paid staff to the national Living Wage.
  • We are developing spaces where we can challenge and be challenged in the spirit of improving practice across all of our work and in the wider sector.

We know we've got lots to do and that we are battling decades of oppression and structural inequity right across society; but we also believe in the power of community to harness resources and to make great change.

You can download Locality's diversity, equity and inclusion policy and plan for action below.