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Week in the life

Learn about a week in the fun filled, varied life of a Locality Finance Administrator

As a Finance Administrator at Locality, my role involves all aspects of finance admin support. This means that no one day is the same. Here is a snapshot of my diary to give you an idea of what the role entails.



On Monday I work from home, as part of the Finance Team. I start the week catching up on emails that have not been sorted out in the previous week and decide of actions in terms of what is more urgent to deal with. I manage the more immediate purchase ledger and sales ledger invoices that need sorting out, raise and record invoices or credit notes on the system, send purchase invoices from the finance inbox for approval.


In the afternoon I touch base with the Management Account to see if any urgent ad hock task needs actioning. I answer any requests for information from other staff across the organization.



On Tuesday I work from the office, supporting the Finance Team. Usually in the morning we have a weekly catch-up meeting with the team, led by the Director of Finance. Here we run through our shared actions and update on any work we’re doing or plan to do in the week. I always leave these meetings feeling energised and connected with my team. Help with finance induction when new starters join.


In the afternoon I download the bank transactions and update our finance systems and CRM with receipts/ payments received for membership and other business activities. For certain events such as our annual Convention we raise invoice on our CRM system (Salesforce), supporting events team.



Wednesday is another office day. Keeping on top of the purchase invoices and sales invoices is key for good financial management. I ensure that any further requests or approvals have been managed and record the invoices on our accounts system. I check the finance inbox for any other ad hock requests.


Every week we have a payment run. I go through the process of collating the invoices that are due for payment, ensuring that authorisation has been done. I check in with the Management Accountant in case some of the invoices should be settled at a later date.

I carry out all the necessary bank accounts verification, to ensure that there is no discrepancy or mismatch. Once all the steps have been carried out, I send the collated summary to the payment run authorisers before submitting to bank payment authorisation.



I check bank balances and update the Management Accountant and Director of Finance on the balance across all bank accounts. I save credit card receipts and get the transactions ready for the journal to be posted at the end of the month. Continue to monitor and manage the finance inbox and respond to any budget holders that might need some support on ad hock repotting to funders.


I deal with the more complex invoices relating for large programmes that have multiple lines and require some data reconciliation in preparation before being sent out to the customer. Check in as well with budget holders on these complex invoices to agree with the billing amount.

I find it satisfying to work for an organisation that does such great work to support communities and knowing that I am part of something bigger

Locality Finance Administrator



On Fridays I am working from home. Check in with the Managing Accountant and give support with the monthly administration of pensions and control accounts and check on any other finance administrative task that need sorting out.


Then I end the day by checking all inboxes and responding to urgent emails and processing any urgent purchase ledger invoices that might have arrived on the day before signing off for the weekend.