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Week in the life

Learn about a week in the fun filled, varied life of a Locality Office Administrator

As an Administrator at Locality, my role involves all aspects of admin support. This means that no one day is the same as I help my team to deliver our nationwide programs and projects. Here is a snapshot of my diary to give you an idea of what the role entails.



On Monday I work from home, supporting the Finance Team. I start with a weekly catch-up meeting with the team. Here we run through our shared actions and update on any work we’re doing. I always leave these meetings feeling energised and connected to my team, which is important when working remotely.

I then quickly review my priority list after the team meeting and catch up on any emails.


In the afternoon I send out the invoices for our upcoming Convention. I keep a list of any outstanding payments for chasing up at a later stage. I was also asked to update the membership fee payments on Salesforce, which I do right at the end of the day.



Tuesday is an office day, so I head in to open the building for 9am. I do a thorough building check to ensure that the cleaner has completed all the necessary tasks. I realise our kitchen needs a restock so I head to the local shop mid-morning to pick up some milk and biscuits. I then catch up on emails, phone calls and post.


I have my weekly meeting with my line manager in the office. We discuss the summer staff away day and I update my line manager on logistics. After getting the budget approved, I spend the afternoon arranging travel and accommodation for the Locality team. I have time at the end of the day to begin making plans for our fun activity in the evening of our staff away day.



Wednesday is another office day. I head in early this morning as there is a senior team meeting and I want to make sure the conference room is set up before 9am. When I get in, I make some coffee, set up the laptop to our screen and test that the microphone and speakers work. I’ve been asked by the CEO to take minutes of this meeting. After the meeting I tidy up the minutes and send them to the team.


I spend the afternoon setting up a new member of staff who starts in a couple of weeks. I write an IT set up form and submit it to our IT contractors. I find a spare laptop and organise couriers to deliver it. I then set them up on the relevant training courses using our Workrite system. I update my line manager when this is complete so he can finalise the induction.



Another office day. Today when I opened the building, I noticed that the alarm was sounding. I reset the alarm and called the security company to make an incident report. I complete a building check and leave a few notes for the cleaner in the handover book.

The CEO has a lot of meeting requests in his diary, so I plan these carefully to ensure there are no clashes. I then prioritise a few emails in his inbox.


There is a delivery coming this afternoon of new stationery. When it arrives, I sort it and put it away. My line manager asks me to update our asset list in the afternoon.

I really enjoy the variety that comes with the role and working with so many teams across Locality

Locality Administrator



I’m working from home this Friday. There is some work to do for the Marketing team. Our convention is not to far away and I have been asked to make some updates to our website. There are a few enquiries in the inbox about Convention which I also need to respond to. I have a quick meeting with our Senior Events Officer about some outstanding tasks.


I ease into the weekend by looking through some pre-reading for next week’s ‘Neurodiversity Training’ session. Then I end the day by checking all inboxes and responding to urgent emails before signing off for the weekend.