In 2020 as the world has faced extraordinary challenges, hardship, and uncertainty, we have experienced the power of community like never before. From the first days of the crisis, barely missing a beat, community organisations mobilised to support their neighbourhoods through the hardest of times.

Findings from our membership survey, carried out this summer, are a testament to the resilience of our members. This latest report shows that the pandemic has dealt huge blows to the community sector’s financial stability.

But our findings also show the determination of members to continue to weather the storm, while at the same time they have been battling rising demand in their communities, responding flexibly and finding enterprising, innovative ways to meet an ever-increasing demand.

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Our membership network has huge strength, reach and influence

Locality members:

  • Support around 307,000 people each week across the network
  • Supported approximately an additional 16,000 community groups last year
  • Employ over 6,400 people
  • Work with over 17,500 volunteers, equivalent to over 108,500 hours each week
  • Have a combined income of £315 million
  • And a combined earned income of £139 million
  • Own £555 million worth of land and buildings

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