The Communities in Charge campaign is a coalition of local people, community groups, businesses and national organisations calling for communities to be put directly in charge of the government’s post-Brexit fund for economic regeneration.


UK regions are at risk of losing out on public funding.

The government has promised to create a Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) after Brexit, to replace EU funds for economic development.

The Communities in Charge campaign has worked with The Annexe in Hartlepool to produce a new short film to show why we need to put communities in charge of post-Brexit funding for economic regeneration.

We know how badly this money is needed in places which often feel forgotten. But there’s a real danger that the funds will follow spending patterns which benefit already prosperous areas, and be managed by unaccountable business networks which aren’t always responsive to communities’ needs.

Why communities should be in charge

We’ve come together to ensure that communities themselves are given control of the fund. They know best what their places need, so let’s put them in charge.

The Shared Prosperity Fund must be designed to tackle inequality and to support grassroots activity which benefit areas which have often been overlooked.

How to put communities in charge

To help put communities in charge, we’re calling for:

  • Resources to be made available to the people and places which need it most
  • Local people to scrutinise all spending decisions through a dramatic increase in accountability, including citizen panels
  • At least a quarter of the fund to go directly to local people to invest in their own priorities for the economy

Download the Communities in Charge Report

The Communities in Charge Report sets out:

  • The story of the Shared Prosperity Fund so far
  • The “regions at risk” if we don’t take this opportunity to do things differently
  • An outline of our proposed structure for the Shared Prosperity Fund
  • The key policy detail of our proposal
  • The evidence that sits behind our case for putting Communities in Charge

Download the Communities in Charge Report (.pdf)

Click below to download accompanying information for the Communities in Charge video.

Download the Communities in Charge Screening Leaflet (.pdf)

The Communities in Charge campaign is made up of a coalition of core organisations and community leaders. These are Co-operatives UK, Locality and the Plunkett Foundation, supported by Power to Change.

Several community leaders have joined the campaign steering group, including Annoushka Deighton of Stretford Public Hall and David Baxter of Abram Ward Community Co-Operative in Wigan.

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