The Keep it Local Network - convened by Locality, in partnership with Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales - is for people who want to find new and innovative ways to reshape local services and transform lives.

Who can join the Keep it Local Network?

It’s for councillors, commissioners, community organisations such as charities, policy experts, procurement officers, consultants – anyone who wants to Keep it Local to create better services that transform lives.

Join the Keep it Local Network

What does the Keep it Local Network do?

We’ll be going to different places across the country to learn about what’s happening, hear inspiring stories, and discuss how to overcome barriers.

We’ll share the learnings from these workshops and other activities in monthly emails, along with other materials. We’ll be engaging with a wide range of people involved in designing, commissioning and delivering of public services.

We want to draw on the latest thinking and best practice to co-create a new approach to commissioning that transforms lives.

As part of the network, you’ll receive:

  • Inspiring stories about how a Keep it Local approach to commissioning transforms lives
  • Invitations to regular Keep it Local Network events across the country
  • Expert-led webinars and Q+A debates exploring how to overcome the practical challenges to reshaping service delivery
  • Updates on current trends and news
  • The opportunity to attend a national Keep it Local conference

Read our Keep it Local campaign briefing and find out about our Five Steps to Keep it Local.

Why should I join the Keep it Local Network?

We know that people are hugely ambitious for their local areas and are committed to maximising the value of the resources they have to create the best places possible.

So, the Keep it Local Network is a place for inspiration and support.

It brings together creative, committed people, to learn from what each other are doing and help make it add up to more than the sum of its parts.

Join the Keep it Local Network

If you would like us to host a Keep it Local Network meeting in your area – let us know.



Keep it Local is brought to you in partnership with Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales which specialises in funding small, locally based charities tackling complex social problems.