Join the growing Keep it Local movement that’s gathering pace. Up and down the country councils and communities are coming together to transform their places.

More and more local authorities are moving away from bureaucratic commissioning and big outsourcing contracts. Instead they are unlocking the power of community: building strong local partnerships, sharing power and maximising local strengths.

But we know changing direction is a difficult thing to do. So we have convened the Keep it Local Network in partnership with Lloyds Bank Foundation to support places on this journey and help make change happen.

Join the Keep it Local Network


of councils now fear for their financial sustainability.

Who can join the Keep it Local Network?

1. Councils

When it comes to our public services, more and more councils want to unlock the power of community and Keep it Local. Build momentum behind a new direction for local services, and work with us to put Keep it Local principles into practice.

Our latest publication, ‘Join the Keep it Local Movement’, lays out the arguments and approach in more detail.

2. Individuals

The Keep it Local Network is also for individuals who want to find new and innovative ways to build strong local partnerships, share power and maximise local strengths.

As part of the network, you’ll receive:

  • Regular updates on current trends and news
  • Inspiring stories about how a Keep it Local approach transforms lives
  • Invitations to Keep it Local Network events across the country
  • Expert-led webinars and Q+A debates exploring how to overcome the practical challenges to taking a Keep it Local approach

Join the Keep it Local Network

Become a Keep it Local Council

Locality have been helping councils to Keep it Local for years. We’ve learnt that top-level leadership is crucial, and that keeping it local must be a key part of a council’s DNA.

But leadership alone isn’t enough. Councils need a clear sense of the practical (and legal) ways things can be done differently.

To Keep it Local in practice, Councils can become a Keep it Local Council by:

  • Signing-up to our Keep it Local principles:
    • 1.  Think about the whole system not individual service silos
    • 2.  Co-ordinate services at a neighbourhood level
    • 3.  Increase local spend to invest in the local economy
    • 4.  Focus on early intervention now to save costs tomorrow
    • 5.  Commit to your community and proactively support local organisations
    • 6.  Commission services simply and collaboratively so they are ‘local by default’
  • Appointing a Keep it Local champion in the cabinet and senior management team
  • Committing to a process of working with Locality to assess and improve current practice
  • Convening a discussion with your local community on how to Keep it Local

We support members of the Keep it Local Network by:

  • Convening two Network meetings per year to report on progress
  • Providing regular updates and sharing best practice learning that emerges across the Network
  • Offering free Locality membership for a year and providing specialist advice on how to Keep it Local in practice
  • Facilitating access to a sounding board of peers in other forward-thinking authorities to work through problems together
  • Providing a clear intellectual framework to articulate the work you’re already doing and help you go further
  • Creating the Keep it Local Award to showcase best practice

Become a Keep it Local Council

If your council is interested in becoming a Keep it Local council, we’d love to help you. Get in touch with us by emailing

Keep it Local is brought to you in partnership with Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales which specialises in funding small, locally based charities tackling complex social problems.